Game birds
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Grouse (1) Young bird

Young Grouse each Oven ready from the moors of Scotland tender young birds Enough for one person. ..

Guinea Fowl Supremes(2)

Guinea Fowl supremes Pack of two...

Guinea Fowl whole bird

Oven ready from farms in France.corn fed free range. Enough for two people. Approx 1.2 kilo...

Mallard Oven Ready

Wild free range duck,enough for two people best cooked medium rare...

Pheasant Breast Fillets 2

Pheasant breast fillets. In a pack of 2 skinless and boneless. 80-100 grams each fillet...

Pheasant Oven Ready 700grams each

Whole Bird Completely ready for you to cook . ..

Pigs Cheeks (10)

Pigs Cheeks (10) per pack..

Quail (Bone in) 2 per pack

Quail (bone in)Pack of 2 oven ready quail ..
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